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Poverty and Transport

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The eradication of poverty is a key driver for many of the members of SLoCaT.  It dominates the agenda for sustainable development, which together with the need to mitigate, and adapt to, climate change led to the establishment of the SLoCaT partnership in 2009. SLoCaT addresses these global issues by promoting the integration of sustainable transport in global policies on sustainable development and climate change. 

One of the priorities of the 2014 SLoCaT Work Program is the Collaborative Work Program on Poverty and Transport. In order to get background information on the current status of knowledge on Transport and Poverty, the Overseas Development Institute is conducting a literature review on the issues of poverty and transport. In addition to presenting an overall understanding of poverty and transport issues, the literature review focuses on poverty and transport related documents published by the multi-lateral development banks, and SLoCaT members.

The survey on poverty and transport has been launched on 1st of April and has been well received by the transport and development communities.  Most of the SLoCaT member organizations have participated in the survey.  The preliminary survey results will be published on the SLoCaT Website in the middle of June. The development of the collaborative work program will commence following in the coming months based on the results of follow-up interviews with interested SLoCaT members.

For Survey and interviews Results, please see: Draft Report on Poverty and Transport 

Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport
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